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We are so excited you're here! Coffee is an important part of many people’s everyday lives, so we make it our mission to ensure every single bean is roasted with love and care. When you sip on a cup of drunken vet coffee, you’ll know that what you’re drinking is not only delicious but of the highest quality. Choosing to drink drunken vet coffee is choosing to spend every morning (or whenever you want, we don’t judge) with a happy belly and a smile on your face!  

Our Founder's Story

Kenny Stottlemyer is a proud veteran of the United States Air Force. He served 4 years from the ages of 18 to 22 and was discharged under honorable conditions after one tour. After 9/11, our country was under attack and Stottlemyer decided to step up to the plate and serve his country again. He served another twenty four years and has recently retired. While serving he worked in multiple departments such as dentistry, finances and engineering and was deployed overseas to the Middle east. After retiring, life has slowed down for Stottlemyer and he was in search of a hobby to occupy his time while also giving back to his community of fellow heroes.  Thats when drunken vet coffee was created! Coffee is a way he connects with his peers so creating his own coffee company can allow others to bond with people around them over a delicious cup of coffee! To help other veterans, he decided to also donate 10% of all profits to different organizations who aid veterans in different capacities. To learn more about these check out the Coffee for a Cause section!

Coffee Beans
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