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Indonesian Sumatra Mandgeling

Indonesian Sumatra Mandgeling

SKU: 21554345656

Indonesian Sumatra Mandheling coffee is known for its mild acidity and medium to heavy body, making it a perfect choice for those who prefer a smooth and rich cup of coffee. This single-origin coffee offers an earthy flavor with notes of sweet plums and dry fruit, providing a unique and enjoyable taste experience. Grown on the slopes of Mount Leuser in Sumatra, this coffee embodies the rich and diverse flavors of the region, making it a truly exceptional choice for coffee connoisseurs. The deep, complex flavors of Indonesian Sumatra Mandheling make it an ideal choice for those who appreciate bold and distinctive coffees. Whether enjoyed black or with a touch of cream and sugar, this coffee is sure to impress with its robust and satisfying taste.


    100% arabica roasted coffee beans. From Sumatra, Indonesia

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